Chapter 1 END
Posted February 10, 2014 at 05:50 pm

CLICK HERE to read the Transcript for Chapter 1, which was written and submitted by Adam Bolander.

Thus concludes Chapter 1!

Thanks for sticking with me this long, guys! With any luck, what you've seen so far is enough to keep you coming back around for more!

To get ready for Chapter 2, DotL is going on a two week break while I start making a buffer for the next chapter. The first page of the next chapter will be posted on MARCH 3RD.
DotL will still update on the 17th and 23rd with a redone cover for Chapter 1 and some other goodies. If you make something for the comic and send it to me, I'll upload it here to the site and it will be part of the official archive!

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If you do choose to donate, there are different ways I want to thank you - you can watch me make the page live via a Livestream channel, you can see pages before they're posted, or even receive the original Daughter of the Lilies comics that were posted on deviantArt before I took them down (and they're full of SPOILERS!).


If you made it through that massive wall of text without your eyes glazing over - good job and thank you! I hope it didn't sound like I was begging for money - I just like doing this, and all I can hope for is that you like it, too.
Happy Monday!

Meg out!