We're going to be working in Black & White for awhile!
Posted September 28, 2021 at 10:05 am

Hey, buds! We're back with another page this week, and a bit of news:

Yoko has to take an indefinite hiatus due to some IRL stuff that she's dealing with! Just like me, she's been rolling with a bunch of punches recently, and while I'm now in a position to get back to (hopefully) update consistently, she's still got some stuff to knock out before she can get back to the comic proper.

So I guess for those of you who really like the Inks when we have to post them, this is good news for you! Because until Yoko gets back, I'm going to be posting B&W pages. I'm obviously desperate to get through this difficult part of the chapter (honestly, I'd love to wrap up this chapter before the end of the year), so I'm ready to just muscle through it. I'm currently figuring out how to handle the various things this affects, as well as how to handle Yoko having a huge backlog of pages to knock out when she's able to return, so thank you for your patience while I do that!

Also, the Chapter 10 Cover has been added as a print to the DotL store, by popular demand for some reason?! I live to please, so here you go:

I'll also be back with another bit of exciting news next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well!