What happens when a man who kills monsters falls in love with a girl who thinks she is one?

Brent, a brutish, freelancing adventurer, realizes that he's fallen for his coworker, Thistle: a shy, talented Mage who considers herself a monster, and who is relentlessly pursued by a tyrannical dictator.

Daughter of the Lilies is a comic largely about the importance self-worth, the different forms love can take, how it can redeem and empower us, as well as issues relating to anxiety. (There are also unicorns, manticores, ghouls, goblins, cannibalistic elves, and so on.) 


Meg Syverud (SIV-uh-rood) has been an independent comic creator since 2004. She's a married chick with a BFA in Graphic Design and works full time as a Storyboard Artist. 

Meg wears a lot of comfortable hoodies and relies on her friends to remind her to eat. She likes Pokemon, storytelling, reading, video games, and cross stitching. Her pet peeve is when people assume DotL is based on D&D (because it's not).

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Jessica "Yoko" Weaver (aka Nytrinhia) has been working in independently published comics since 2010 on various titles as both the sole artist and part of a team of artists.  She hopes and aims to one day work in video games and animations as a conceptual artist and designer. Despite her borderline obsessive love of red pandas, narseakittehs, and fatticorns she's technically a highly functioning and responsible adult.

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You can contact Meg and/or Yoko by emailing them at DaughterOfTheLilies(at)gmail.com


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