Posted November 15, 2018 at 04:43 pm


Prepping all the pages from Book 1 for a print run of the book/Kickstarter has been something of a personal Sword of Damocles, and I am super duper grateful for y'alls patience while I was off taking care of the bulk of that for the past three weeks. 

Here's a breakdown of the entire To Do List for this entire process:

Step 1: Page Formatting

    - Basically, going through each Photoshop File for every single page and organizing every layer into the printer's & Color Tech's preferred format. Originally, I had planned for us to personally handle the conversions from RGB to CMYK ourselves, but that just proved to be too much for us to handle, so Hivework's Color Tech will be handling that in our place.

Step 2: Bleeds!

    - Here is the definition of the Printing Term "Bleed." Every page in the comic so far contained a Bleed an eighth of an inch in size, but it turns out that quarter inch bleeds are preferred by the people organizing the Print side of things - so every page needs to be resized to a half inch larger on each side, and then every page whose artwork contained a bleed had to be extended to the new edge of the file. 
    You can kind of see this in practice in the bottom image in the page above: if you look at that Dragon Wu Page beneath the Corrections preview, you can kind of see how some of the artwork appears to be cut off along the border of the page. That's an example of the kind of work that correcting the bleeds required.

Step 3: Corrections and Changes

    - This is the fun part! This is where I get to go back through and change all the things that have bothered me or need to be updated to fit in with the continuity of the story. Things like redrawing that really weird Lyra face in that one panel, or updating all the Cave Elf Markings to something a bit more obscure and less problematic. 

CURRENTLY, thanks to that break I just took, I've just reached the last Step, Corrections!

Patrons have been reading more or less this same information in more detail on Patreon, where I've been posting various peeks into the process, but I imagine all of you are eager for the comic proper to return. I'm getting pretty burned out on page formatting and I want to make sure I take the time and give it the attention it deserves, so the comic will be briefly moving to a one-page-per-week update schedule until all the corrections are finished. 

New pages will be posted every Tuesday, and Correction Previews will be posted every Thursday. 

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, everyone~! Sorry for being so overwhelmed by everything - the break was very helpful because it allowed me to just sit and focus on the one thing that was really bothering me. Let's get back to it!

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