posted Oct.19.17 at 02:51 am

HELLO, it's me, Meg, I'm back, and mostly rested and riding the high/low of sudden work overload. Thank you guys very very much for being cool with me just... resting... when my brain and body needed it most. An opportunity jumped out at me and I had to jump back at it as quickly as possible, so the last 7 days have been nothing but focused on and killing myself with non-comic obligations. But now I'm back and we're settled and I can do comic work again. I'll make some announcements about some stuff once I hear back about/finalize some things, so keep your ears open for news from me.

Yoko has once again graciously provided us with some HEY GIRL meme level content and oh wow i don't know what stress even is when i look at this soft soft boy. Look at how kind she is to us with those buttons. 

HEY, AS PER THE PREVIOUS UPDATE, DOTL FORUM DISCUSSION IS TAKING PLACE TODAY ON THE TEMPORARY (?) DOTL SERVER THAT YOKO HAS SET UP. Please refer to the previous page for her contact information to see if you can squeeze yourself in, if you're interested.

We'll be back Tuesday with some hot hot arm treatment action and awkward silences. Oh boy!

CONTENT WARNING FOR THE NEXT PAGE: Mild Gore. Thistle gets the bandages off and we see the wound, so steel your stomachs or avoid the page if that upsets you.

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