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Posted March 16, 2020 at 10:54 pm

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In DotL-related news: I've only just realized that the script I've been working on and refining for the past two months is the climax of an unrelated subplot, and to be effective it needs a lot more establishment (that I haven't done), and I need to write a completely new story for it to be effective, and now is the time to start a different one from scratch. I am glad I'm living in LA during a time where working from home is strongly encouraged and my schedule is a lot more flexible to accommodate for changes like this. 

(Those were two extremely long run-on sentences and I apologize for that.)

Thank you for being patient and indulging my fanfiction during this time so that I can figure out these kinds of things. Y'all are wonderful, and I hope I can bring some relief during these trying times.