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Posted March 2, 2020 at 11:30 pm

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This is the beginning of Episode 1.


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Let's dive right in. 

I bit off a bit more than I could chew with this first episode - I've made maybe 30 of these comics but none of them are an establishes the concept or can be understood without a lot of actual explaining. I told myself "no problem, I'll sit down and knock out that problem in a day with this half-of-a-script I wrote a year ago." 

Let me tell you, reader, it was a problem. It just got really big, so there are less pages here now than what I would have liked (I wanted to really impress you guys and throw like 6 pages at you all at once. it would have been cool). 

So here's one page now. I promise there are more coming soon. I'm not committing to any kind of time frame right now because THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. For now enjoy this first one. Really grabs you, right? Makes you wanna know what happens next? Please be nice to me, this is scary.

Please be advised that NONE of the other pages are going to look this nice. This is the first page so I've gotta make a good impression.