I'm still really proud of that panel too!
Posted May 24, 2022 at 08:48 am


For the non-colorists and painters out there (like me!), here is the definition of the lighting/colorist term used on today's page: "A rim light is placed behind a subject that exposes the outline or rim of the subject with light. This lighting highlights the contours of a subject and creates a dramatic and mysterious effect."

Fun fact! This page and sequence was made around the time I got my first job in revising storyboards, so this is one of the last pages where I freehanded the environment perspective without the necessary prep and tools for drawing. I was also still indulging the bad habit of trying to fit the backgrounds in around the characters, rather than drawing the environment first, then placing the characters in it, which is a subtle thing to change, but makes the biggest difference in the world. So, when I look at how I was drawing this setting at the beginning of this sequence compared to how I was drawing it at its end, there are a lot of huge and subtle differences. Thank you, Storyboarding!